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 [MAP]Weponz Town(451 Objects!)

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[MAP]Weponz Town(451 Objects!) Empty
PostSubject: [MAP]Weponz Town(451 Objects!)   [MAP]Weponz Town(451 Objects!) EmptyFri Oct 22, 2010 10:01 am

Weponz Town

What Is It?

This is my 1st release and my 2nd map ive done.Its a MTA Edited Map which i made for SAMP Servers,I can provide a MTA code for u,It took around 4-5 hours to map it.Its a small town with a farm on a hill and the town is devided with a bridge and a straight lake through it,It has a residential area also a commercial/CBD area.The map has 39 cars/22 car models & 451 Objects!

** Also Seen On SAMP Forum! **

Where Is It?

The map is located north of Pickle Pine LV over the water (Sea Level).

How Do I Use This Map On My Server?

Simply Copy/Paste the MAP code under:

public OnGameModeInit()
          //Map code goes here.
          //Other code here.
   return 1;

And make sure you use a streamer that can support atleast 500 objects,even though the MAP is 451 objects allways good to be sure xD

MAP Code?



Goes Under OnPlayerCommandText,Any Problems With Adding Teleport To Your GM Reply Here I Will Help You

public OnPlayerCommandText(playerid, cmdtext[])
  if (strcmp("/wepztown", cmdtext, true) == 0)
  SendClientMessage(playerid, 0x0, "Welcome To Weponz Town!");
  return 1;

***Teleports You To Weponz Town Pier(Last Screenshot)***


[MAP]Weponz Town(451 Objects!) Mta-screen2010-10-0214-49-38
[MAP]Weponz Town(451 Objects!) Mta-screen2010-10-0214-49-28
[MAP]Weponz Town(451 Objects!) Mta-screen2010-10-0214-49-16
[MAP]Weponz Town(451 Objects!) Mta-screen2010-10-0214-49-04
[MAP]Weponz Town(451 Objects!) Mta-screen2010-10-0214-48-24
[MAP]Weponz Town(451 Objects!) Mta-screen2010-10-0214-48-13
[MAP]Weponz Town(451 Objects!) Mta-screen2010-10-0214-47-19
[MAP]Weponz Town(451 Objects!) Mta-screen2010-10-0214-47-01
[MAP]Weponz Town(451 Objects!) Mta-screen2010-10-0214-46-38
[MAP]Weponz Town(451 Objects!) Mta-screen2010-10-0214-46-09


Weponz(Me) - Mapping & /wepztown Teleport Command

ViruZZzZ_ChiLLL - Making that Tutorial on SAMP Forums on how to convert MTA Map code xD

Weponz Inc. ©2010
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[MAP]Weponz Town(451 Objects!)
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