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 [FS] Leon's Login/Register System

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[FS] Leon's Login/Register System Empty
PostSubject: [FS] Leon's Login/Register System   [FS] Leon's Login/Register System EmptyFri Oct 29, 2010 1:58 pm

Leon's Login/Register System


This is an login/register system made by me, also its the first script made and released by me. Report any bugs to me .

Login & Register Command

Automatic Login

Save Scores & Money

AFK System

Anti-Spawnkill system

Premium User System


Normal Users : /login , /register , /credits , /rules , /cmds , /help , /kill , /afk , /back

Premium Users : /pcmds , /heal , /armour , /flip , /nos , /hyd

Creator's Message

You may add any other commands as you wish, but please don't delete the credit.


Recent Update : V3

Added some new commands and a anti-spawnkill system. /afk , /back

Hopefully I will be adding more new commands on the up-coming update.


V1 Pastebin =

V2 Pastebin =

V3 Pastebin =

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[FS] Leon's Login/Register System
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