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 [GM]Weponz [Counter-Strike] Battleship Source For SAMP

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[GM]Weponz [Counter-Strike] Battleship Source For SAMP Empty
PostSubject: [GM]Weponz [Counter-Strike] Battleship Source For SAMP   [GM]Weponz [Counter-Strike] Battleship Source For SAMP EmptyFri Oct 29, 2010 8:52 am

Weponz [Counter-Strike] Battleship
[GM]Weponz [Counter-Strike] Battleship Source For SAMP Samp001yy
**Counter-Strike Source For SAMP**

** Also Seen On SAMP Forum! **


This is my 1st GM ive ever made,In fact im working on my 2nd now xD,Its not much code but its simple with a totally unique theme.

Objects converted: 225
Vehicles converted: 94
Vehicle models found: 8

What Is It?

WCSBS is a "Counter-Strike" source for SAMP twisted with a unique "Battleship" theme.

Server Features?

*There are 2 teams Counter-Terrorists and Terrorists

*Massive map with 225 objects total! 2 Aircraft Carriers/Airstrip/Tank Island fully mapped!

*100+ health/armour pickups!

*100+ hydras/hunters/sea sparrows/sanchez/patriots/boats and tanks!

*Automatic x3 to x10 killing sprees!

*Admin base/Look tower with /abase teleport!

And More!


/rules (In-Game Rules)

/pc (Players Colors)

/tc [msg] (Terrorist Team Chat)

/ct [msg] (Counter-Terrorist Team Chat)

/me [msg] (Sends Message To All (eg."Your Name" [msg])

/fail (Sends Message To All (eg."Your Name" Has Failed In A Rather Epic Way..)

/credits (Shows Gamemode Credits)

/change (Change Teams)


CT Carrier 1:

[GM]Weponz [Counter-Strike] Battleship Source For SAMP Samp014ri

CT Carrier 2:

[GM]Weponz [Counter-Strike] Battleship Source For SAMP Samp015kg

Terro Container Ship + Airstrip + CT Carrier 1 on left

[GM]Weponz [Counter-Strike] Battleship Source For SAMP Samp016ae

Tank Island

[GM]Weponz [Counter-Strike] Battleship Source For SAMP Samp022eh

Tank Island

[GM]Weponz [Counter-Strike] Battleship Source For SAMP Samp023o

Edge Of Tank Island Overlooking Both Carriers And Terro Container Ship In Horizon

[GM]Weponz [Counter-Strike] Battleship Source For SAMP Samp024h

Admin Base

[GM]Weponz [Counter-Strike] Battleship Source For SAMP Samp028bo

Script Download?

**NOTE: This GM Is Scripted With STRCMP the old code Wiki uses(Its slower then other codeing but this GM is only 896 lines)**


**Make Sure You Download JunkBuster Anticheat Include Here: Or Change The Anti-Cheat! And Use A Streamer!!**


This script was totally scripted/mapped by me!(Weponz)Do not remove my credits!


Weponz Inc. 2010

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[GM]Weponz [Counter-Strike] Battleship Source For SAMP
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